Micro-Clutter-Clearing for More Patience

Water Balloons

My daughter and her friend are having a paint and shaving cream filled water balloon fight in the rain right now.  They are having so much fun, and it is a joy to hear the squeals and laughter even with the windows closed.

In our search for paint this morning, it led me to an extremely disorganized art supply drawer in the kitchen.

So I cleaned it out and organized it after we found the paint.

Not kidding, it took approximately 7 minutes to complete, and I feel fantastic!

I feel more patient too.  It’s so fascinating.

Here are my thoughts:

When we are overwhelmed, we are at the same time having a self-critical inner dialog pity fest.  It goes something like, “I’m so busy. I’ll never get all of these things done.  I have so much to do.  No one is helping.  Everyone expects me to do everything.  These kids are spoiled rotten…they are driving me nuts.”

But, if we stop and just do a small thing like organize one drawer or clear clutter on one counter, we are empowered.  The stuff and the mess no longer hold its power of making us feel bad about everything there is to do.  We did it, and it didn’t take very long and now it’s done.  The inner critic stops and the inner awesome momma takes over.  She is so great, and she is not even annoyed by her kids anymore.  She has quite a bit of patience for them actually.

How you feel about yourself is all in the inner dialog.  What are you telling yourself right now?  If it’s not good, try cleaning out one drawer.  The inner critic pretty much switches off.  Even tiny amounts of clutter clearing help in ways that are magical.

Much Love,