I was late hearing about the unrest in Ferguson – a town about 35 minutes away from my front door.

I’ve known now for a week or so, and it is so troubling.

I read a great editorial from our local, home-town paper today, and it gave me some hope that the status-quo will not be maintained.

I also gave to a fund to help feed some of the Ferguson kids that are not yet in school, so that felt like it was at least something concrete to help.

But I am not down there.  I am not brave enough to take my children and walk with the protestors in defiance of the heavy-handed tactics police continue to use.   Last night I briefly did feed brave enough, but I couldn’t explain my thoughts quite well enough to my husband who pretty much decided I had lost it completely.

Standing up to my local school board?  Piece of cake!

Going down to Ferguson?  Not so much yet.

But I want to.  It feels like now, right now, is a defining moment and a chance to really make a difference and show my children that working for peace is hard but worthwhile.

Like no voting rights act without Selma – Montgomery.

I don’t want to put my kids in harms way, but I want to help.  I want to show them to not be afraid, but I want them to be safe.

No brilliant ideas yet on how to bridge that gap, but I think going down there to help clean up may be what we end up doing.

I’ll let you know.

Sending so much love to the people of Ferguson and everyone affected by this tragedy.