Foggy Morning

The house is still.  Clouds from the overnight storm still cling to the sky and block the early-morning sun.  My oldest child is up and almost ready for school.  My youngest still sleeps.

I don’t know what my day will be like today yet.  I have two meetings and an appointment on the schedule, but my little one was ill last night.

He sleeps, and I wait.

It’s easy to get caught up in the “Crap, what am I going to do if he’s sick!” drama.  Still this morning, I try to resist.

My life is blessed, and I will be able to call-in to one meeting, reschedule another, and cancel the appointment quite easily.

How lucky am I?  Many people in our own super-rich country have to choose between taking care of a sick child and working to put food on the table.

This morning at least, I find gratitude in my life and peace in the early-morning silence.

Whatever the day brings, I get to roll with it.  Blessings surround us, and I am forever grateful.

Much Love,