New Year Goals


I’ve been working in an office full time for several months now and the whole “your job title = your self-worth” thing is starting to get to me. While I know, I know, I know that’s not true…it’s so hard to remember.

For the New Year, I have been fortunate to have some time off to remember what is for really and for true actually important.

For starters:

Life is not about achieving career goals.  Life is about being able to roll with the career goals and changes as they come to you.  No.matter.what.

Self-worth is not dependent on the title behind your name.

Sometimes sitting at a big desk in a lovely office feels more lonely than sitting in a warm cubicle surrounded by kind people.

Nothing is at is seems.  We must just do our best every day, and that is it.

Happy New Year!

Feel free to set career goals.  Just remember to not confuse those with life goals.  They are so different.

Much Love,